1st July

09:30 BST
Registration and networking
09:50 BST
​Chair welcome address
10:00 BST
Opening panel discussion:
Diamonds are made under pressure: Operational leaders’ faced their greatest challenge in 2020, ensuring their teams could continue working in unprecedented conditions
  • The pandemic placed huge pressure on the operational functions, and they rose to the challenge; ensuring the right tech stack, maintaining internal and external communications, reporting, valuations: has this impacted how operational teams are viewed internally?
  • Technology has been more important than ever in navigating the crisis; has private equity finally embraced a more digital way of working?
  • Has the pandemic changed the operational function permanently?
  • How do LPs now view operational leaders? Are they more visible?

10:30 BST
Panel Discussion:
Cultivating operational harmony
  • Tracking the technological transformation of the operational function in today’s digital world
  • Embracing change and making headway: how to take advantage of what tech has to offer?
  • How integrating tech can help streamline business processes and improve workflow
  • Developing and automating a single source of truth from portfolio company to investors

11:00 BST
Coffee break and networking
11:20 BST
Panel discussion:
Increasing operational efficiency through tech integration
  • Operational review: Why certain IT systems are more successful than others and selecting the right ones for your company
  • Practical know-how: Through looking at real life cases of a variety of managers in various stages of tech and data integration, we will explore different approaches and solutions.
12:10 BST
Coping with the avalanche of regulation
  • Tackling increased regulation at this point in the cycle: From ESG to reporting requirements and dealing with the ‘regulatory burden’
12:30 BST
Panel Discussion:
Gaining regulatory perspective:

  • Approaches to ensuring compliance in an increased regulatory environment
  • Anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing - how will this impact smaller funds?
  • Preparing to backtrack: Adapting to constant change in jurisdiction and the legislative landscape
  • Keeping abreast of taxation and staying ahead of the game this tax season
  • Dealing with IPEV Valuation Guidelines
  • ESG EU, SDFR and Taxonomy regulation is now in force alongside UK’s adoption of TSCD, what does this mean for managers?
13:10 BST
Lunch break and networking
14:35 BST
Motion: the concept of CFO role stretch is a generational issue, younger CFOs know how to harness tech to build efficiencies and scale and ease the workload burden…
​15.20 BST
  • Cyber security
  • Outsourcing
  • FX/Banking solution
16:30 BST
Country pursuits
19:00 BST
Drinks reception
20:00 BST

2nd July

10:00 BST

Coffee and networking

10:30 BST
Panel Discussion:
Talent acquisition and retention in the finance function
  • Sourcing and retaining talent from outside of PE
  • Less talk, more action: Championing diversity and inclusion within the finance sector
  • Benchmarking remuneration within the PE industry and beyond
  • How best to deal with administration of carry plans
  • Boosting your employee engagement strategy to improve wellness in the workplace
  • Control less, encourage more - creating higher performers and encouraging adult behaviours through improved staff treatment
11:00 BST

Panel discussion:
Timing is everything: Matching fund financing solutions to your funds life cycle
  • Fund finance fully matured or set to implode?
  • Why are more and more providers entering the market and who are they?
  • Navigating the various products available: From capital call facilities, subscription lines, NAV and hybrid facilities to preferred equity and secondaries for continuation vehicles

11:35 BST
Coffee break and networking
12:00 BST


  • Carry and waterfall structures
  • Office culture: Connecting team members
  • Retaining and rewarding talent
13:00 BST
Panel discussion:
ESG: the DNA of the company
  • Minimizing risk, maximising returns: juggling the prioritisation of maximum returns with corporate and social responsibility
  • ESG credentials: Getting to grips with guidelines in order to avoid greenwashing and bandwagoning
  • Addressing the importance of having a lock-step, allowing for companies to have direct impact
  • ESG and talent acquisition
  • ESG and operational due diligence
13.30 BST
Farewell lunch and close of conference