Day 1 Agenda

Chair's Welcome and Opening Remarks
Panel discussion: Strategies to succeed in a challenging fundraising market
  • What does the challenging fundraising environment mean for different players?
  • How is this putting pressure on the operational side of the business?
  • Is bigger always better? How can midmarket GPs appeal to LPs?
  • How can firms maintain consistency and profitability in the current market environment?
  • How are capital structures evolving in response to the challenging conditions?

Graeme Chaffe, Partner, Chief Financial Officer, Anacap
Aaron Kienwald, Chief Operating Officer, Oakley Capital
Magdalena Pasecka, Partner & CFO, Innova Capital Partners
Karen Sands, Chief Operating Officer, Federated Hermes

Moderator: Aleksandra Cison, Director - Strategic Fund Solutions, HSBC

Case study
Panel discussion: Enhancing operational reputation
  • How are CFOs and COOs responding to increased investor scrutiny?
  • How is ODD evolving in line with technology innovation?
  • Assessing the pros and cons of using an outsourced ODD provider
  • How can the ODD process be used to improve a firm's own internal processes?

Louise Denning, Partner - CFO, Montagu Private Equity
Kirsty Joly, Chief Financial Officer, Px3 Partners
Matthew Maguire, Chief Financial Officer, Park Square Capital

Coffee & networking
Panel discussion: Private equity valuations: myth versus reality
  • How have valuations evolved over the past year and where are they today?
  • Why is there so much negativity surrounding PE valuations?
  • What does the valuation process look like? What tools are available for GPs to use?
  • How are CFOs and COOs adapting their strategies to comply with the IPEV valuation guidelines?

Eva Hubsman, Partner & CFO, Israel Secondary Fund
Neel Mehta, Finance Partner, Primary Capital Partners

Case study

Bryan Astheimer, Head of Investment Manager Services (IMS), Europe, SEI

Roundtable discussions

Fund financing

  • What non-traditional, alternative sources of finance are available?
  • How is the macro environment influencing fund finance choices?
  • What do CFOs and COOs need to be aware of when financing their funds?
  • Why haven’t we seen the predicted boom in NAV lending?

Talent retention, management and succession

  • How best to minimise the cultural divide between the investment and operational teams
  • Developing a culture of growth and development
  • What are the long-term ramifications of technology innovations on human talent?

Navigating cybersecurity risk

  • How to minimise risk exposure
  • What level of risk do the adoption of novel AI platforms pose?
Roundtable discussions

Retailisation of private equity

  • How can funds be structured to allow better market access to retail investors?
  • How can you ensure alignment of interest with retail investors? What does the balance of power look like?
  • Is retailisation worth the regulatory, governance and technological burden for midmarket firms?

Changing role of the CFO: a guide for smaller funds with smaller budgets

  • The ever evolving role of a C-suite leader
  • How to cope with the operational requirements when outsourcing or hiring is not an option
  • Balancing short-term needs with long-term objectives

Outsourcing: building the ideal model

  • What are the key considerations when choosing a partner?
  • How to ensure sufficient safeguarding measures are in place in preparation for outsourcing
  • How can you maintain service provider relationships as processes become more automated?
Drinks reception

Day 2 Agenda

Coffee & networking
Chair's welcome
Panel discussion: Risk mitigation strategies for a turbulent market
  • Identifying and assessing operational risks and their potential impact on your firm
  • Balancing liquidity, currency risk and FX exposure during a time of market volatility
  • How can risk management and reporting processes be adjusted to reflect changing liquidity levels?
  • Sustainability risk management
Panel discussion: Technology and private capital: creating a holistic digital infrastructure
  • Single versus multi-platform solutions
  • Building a roadmap for seamlessly transitioning from manual to digital processes to ensure growth
  • What kind of due diligence is needed to evaluate tech solutions and providers before onboarding?
  • How can technology be leveraged to improve IR?
Case study
Coffee & networking
Roundtable discussions

ESG: the impact of changing sentiment

  • What are investors’ ESG requirements and how have they changed over the past year?
  • How is the global political landscape affecting the adoption of ESG strategies?
  • What is the impact of ESG credentials on attracting international investors?

Taxation of carried interest: planning for change

  • What does the potential change in UK Government mean for carried interest?
  • How can firms plan ahead?
  • What structures will we see coming to market to deal with the expected changes?
  • Is carry still the best structure for PE?

Streamlining the back and middle office

  • Approaches for scaling AUM without scaling headcount
  • Leveraging technology and automation to deliver process optimisation
  • Importance of service quality and data delivery to end investors
Open discussion: Key takeaways, actionable strategies and survey results
  • A recap of the key insights and learnings from the summit
  • Identifying actionable strategies to drive operational excellence
  • Attendees will be surveyed prior to the summit about their current concerns and the results will be discussed
  • An open forum for audience questions and discussion run strictly under Chatham House Rule
Lunch and close of Summit